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Her Waterings

Word Picture!

"In Him the fullness of the Deity dwell in bodily form". Colossians 2:9

In light of the fullness of Christ everything that seems "in part" makes sense. His fullness, His purpose, His image reflects on every piece of my life. That is such hope especially when the pieces don't make sense.

Growing up my dad and I would build puzzles as a habit. We were serious to the point of "shalacking" and hanging them on the wall as a trophy upon completion. I am not talking about little 100 piece boxes of a gerber daisy, but more like a 3000 piece picture of New York's skyline at night. I mean were we crazy or what? Seriously, NYC night skyline made up of 3000 pieces all of which looked dark and oddly shaped. To begin our project and give me a little hope of actually being able to do this, my dad would remind me to look at the box picture, don't just stare at the pieces. "In light of the FULL picture all the pieces make sense." Wow! So NYC was hung after weeks and weeks of sweat, blood (thanks to cardboard paper cuts), and a few tears. Mission accomplished: the picture was perfectly portrayed through all of our pieces without missing one. That was the second thing daddy would remind me: " we cannot finish much less hang our puzzle if even one piece goes missing. All pieces have purpose."

My Abba Father reminded me of His grand picture on the box right when I am tempted to get overwhelmed and lost in my pieces. You see all the pieces, the dark and colorful ones, are purposeful to create the Picture of Christ in and on me throughout life. That is all sanctification means- the picture of Christ portrayed through and on me more and more. Each piece is vital, intentional, crafted just to fit perfectly in order to successfully reflect the goal Image. That will preach!

So with a puzzle piece on my keyboard next to me, I remember that in the fullness of Christ all my parts fit into the picture He has in mind. All the pieces are perfect when viewed in light of the box. May we never view puzzles and pieces the same!

Go grab yourself a puzzle piece and place it on your computer, in your car or by the kitchen as a reminder of Col 2:9.

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