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Her Waterings


In Gen 16-21, Jehovah deals with Sarah on the proper waiting posture for a promise given by Him. Sarai had a promise from God concerning a son. In fact she had an audible voice speaking that promise to her and her husband. Yet she laughed in mockery and doubted in waiting. She then went into action after God seemed to fail His Word by hatching Operation Hagar. When God created a Gap of waiting on Him to fulfill His Word, she stepped into the Gap and secured the promised son on her own. Of course this was a terrible mistake. When we step into the Gap God creates, even if it is good and innocent, it will sour in our hands. Operation Hagar went south quickly and Sarai was provoked to great pain as she saw Hagar pregnant. She still had to wait another 14 years before the promised made by God was fulfilled by Him alone through impossible miraculous means and Isaac was born. God always has the last Laugh! Isaac means laughter. Sarai's name changed to Sarah and her laughed went to a giggle at God's ability to make and KEEP a Promise apart from her plans or posture.

Hannah was also barren in I Samuel 1. The Lord had actually closed her womb for the coming glory He would receive when she asked of Him her desire and He granted it to her. In contrast to Sarah, when Hannah was provoked by the aching pain of longing for a son she took her oppressed spirit to the Lord. She did not step into action; She stepped into fervent prayer. She cried out her desire, reminding God of her longing for a son. Eli thought was was drunk because of the wordless groaning he saw from this woman on her knees. She stood her ground and explained that there was no one else she could go to with her sad face and broken spirit than the Lord. Eli removed the foot from his mouth and realized the grand faith of this beautiful woman of God.

Eli said " Go in peace and may God of Israel grant your petition that you have asked of Him." I Sam. 1:17 With a barren womb and the same provoking circumstances still, Hannah rejoiced, knowing she would have her request. Her face was no longer sad and she actually went and ATE! I love the Bible. It is hilarious. She had lost her appetite and once her posture of pain became one of prayerful petition and peace, she rose and ate joyfully. She knew who had heard her and what He was going to give her.

Sure enough, God remembered Hannah and gave her a son. Samuel means "Because I asked him of the Lord". Wow! Instead of making her own plan, sitting in her own pity, or allowing her pain to paralyze her... she got into the posture of true prayer! She presented her petition to the Living God who hears. She wept bitterly but then rejoiced endlessly.

Oh to have a Hannah heart more than a Sarah laugh. To run into His presence when the pain of a promised yet fulfilled aches deep within my heart. To groan out my heart to Him even if words cannot express the longing. To then get up off my knees, knowing He has heard my supplication and answered me even when circumstances have yet to shift. Wow! What faith. What posture. What a faithful God!

He is the God of Sarai, Hannah, Ruth, Esther, Rahab, Deborah, and Sarah Ott. He is faithful to His word, watching over His promise to fulfill it says Jer 1:12. He knows my heart, my need, my longing and my pain. Thank you Lord for remembering Hannah and revealing such truth in these two women.... Remember me.

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