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Her Waterings

Let Freedom Ring

On the heels of fireworks, the fourth, and friends I am refreshed at the thought of deeper freedom. Freedom means the state of liberty rather than confinement; exemption from external control, interference and regulation; the power to determine action without restraint. True freedom is granted to us by the Living Lord Jesus for II Cor.3:17 states, “Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom!” Do we believe and live in this freedom afforded for us? As daughters in Christ we can enjoy liberty not confinement to emotions, circumstances or people. As His lovely brides we are exempt from controlling anything, regulating everything, and interfering something. As His very own we have His power to determine our actions, desires, and beliefs. Praise is God’s for this reality! The Spirit lives in us and is ever-present therefore let freedom ring in and through us to all watching! It is for freedom that Christ died and set us free as mentioned in Galatians. National freedom is a gift worth our recognition, gratitude and tears along with many sacrificed lives, however spiritual freedom is a gift worth believing and exhausting for it took the life of one Man, God Himself! He died that we might truly live, fully and freely alive. Sink into the deeper freedom that resides in you now through the Precious Crucified Lord that arose from the grave in the ultimate ring of Freedom! Glory to Jesus…

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