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Her Waterings


Leadership is a buzz word that can leave some dead and some alive depending on the definition and context of such a powerful word. I attended Leadercast this past week due to a sweet friend gifting me a ticket. Thank you Beloved Lindsey! There always seems to be greater power to the spoken word from a stage with a microphone even if it is just logical sensical facts. I picked up a few nuggets from different moments. Here are a few thoughts on leadership to munch on before lunch:

Who you are as a leader is who you attract to your team.
Leaders create Momentum and momentum solves problems.
Developing people begins with recruiting the best ones through the front door. Be picky!
Leaders position people in their gifts to succeed within each environment.
Leaders find jewels inside others and mine them out into diamonds.
Leaders cause others to shine front center and in the background they merely glisten.
Successful leaders discover what others are good at and position them while knowing the lane they are called to remain in.
listen. observe. learn. serve.

Trainer of Trainers: Develop to duplicate and mentor to multiply
Only disciple and pour into those who commit to do the same with someone else! Leaders lead leaders.
Different levels of leadership of which you are on with different people within your sphere of influence. Evaluate what level you are with whom because people's reaction to vision that you cast as a leader will vary depending on which level they are on with you.

Leadership is influence. Seek to be an Influencer more than that of a Leader.

Live authentic not picturesque.

It is not about the summit but about the steps. You do not need full clarity to take one step at a time. This is mainly how God leads... one step at a time with illuminated path of the Word as a mere lamp to our feet.

In climbing Mt. Everest, Alison Levine said that you have to climb up to base camp and back down again multiple times to acclimate the body to the weather, temperature, altitude, and other factors. So when those summit that Mountain Peak they would have already traversed the face and backbone of the mountain many times from each base camp back down and up again. Amazing! Even if you go down sometimes, you are not going backwards! All of that is essential to the ability of scaling the mountain and standing on the peak!

So downward or upward, regardless we move forward! Just keep moving...

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