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Her Waterings


We just started a journey through the pages of Colossians. The richness of this book and its majestic sweep leave the reader with a full on focus of Jesus. His centrality is the theme of it all. Summed up in Colossians 1:27 is the mystery revealed throughout all of time and the entire New Testament proclamation, which is, Christ in you, the hope of glory. That is hope not only for heaven and seeing Him there but for HERE! We are admonished through Paul, as was Colossae, to live in Christ not merely "for Him". He lived for us that we might live in Him and through Him! What hope, joy, and freedom that brings to the believer! Only Christ is the one who can live the CHRISTian life! (Audio)
Listen to a recap of our study briefly. Chapter 2 will be in two weeks...

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