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Her Waterings

A mid-summer’s night

Last night there were many women gathered at a beautiful house in Buckhead for an outdoor feast stylistically reminiscent of Mamma Mia meeting Anthropologie at Church! Candles were lit, lights were strung, table settings were perfect, and the food was fragrant. These women from all different walks of life came to encounter the Lord Jesus through the ministry of Establish Her. A night were God had laid vision on my heart to communicate as well as an invitation to impart. My team and I wanted to create an atmosphere of beauty, celebration, comfort, and warmth in order that each woman would experience the Presence of the Lord in the hearth of a home. There was live worship, poignant words, scripture and stories shared. It was breathtaking for me, especially, because last night went from being a vision in my heart for the last decade to a reality in life.


I believe there are hungry women all over that crave a feast of more than just religion, activity for God, and service to others. A feast of and over the person of Jesus in light of who He is, what He has done, and what He can do in our lives; this is what we need. We dont need merely more events and productions but an encounter with a person. Environments are important and excellence is executed but all as means to the End- the end being tasting and seeing that He is good, alive, involved, and lovely!


Come to the table and feast on the Bread of Life. Join this gathering of godly women seeking to go deeper into His heart, His ways, and His agendas. We are excited for tribulation parties, as James 1 mentions, ahead; for community; for biblical truth to resound, and for lives to be established in the person of Jesus Christ.

"After you have suffered a little while, the God who has called you according to His grace, will Himself, perfect, confirm, strengthen, and ESTABLISH you." I pet 5:10


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