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Sarah’s Blog


Tonight I am privileged to have dinner with Pastor Peter Tan Chi and his wife, Deonna from the Philippines. Christ Commission Fellowship is their church. unites His people of this world for reasons beyond us. I lived in Austria during…


Autumn drive from Nashville to Atlanta.Charlie Hall’s new album.Windows down.Engaging conversations.Dreaming about the future possibilities. Writing.Singing Celine’s “A New Day has come”.Planning for Passion 2011.Baking/Cooking of any kind.Laughing out…

Ode to Old

Today in cleaning out my garage, my car, and my room my heart too was cleansing. Old books. Old clothes and shoes. Old journals of tales past. Old napkins with nuggets written on them. Old heart breaks recorded in notebooks. Old recipes. Old magazines….

Psalm 27

Woke up with ache in my mind and heart today after an act of obedience this week. Obedience hurts. God asks of us “faith works” that sometimes do not logically make sense in the grand scheme of the story but faith moves forward, despising the pain, and…

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