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Sarah’s Blog

Is He Savior or Victor?

At certain points throughout generations, some people will be drawn in close enough to realize Jesus as the Savior and agree with Him by grace through faith for their salvation from death to life. These people supernaturally understood sin’s grip that kept them bound to death and…

Esther’s Table Registration is Open!

If you live in Atlanta, you don’t want to miss this!! Ladies- all are welcome! Mark it down. Learning to celebrate in the midst of… Come hear and share stories of beauty through pain. Wanna seat at the table?!


Something about rainy days in life seems to invite reflection over life. Reflection of all things divine inside everything mundane. The table reminds me to not only sup with Christ but feast on Him as the very meal. The devotionals cracked open with multiple pieces…

Loving My Roots

Have you ever just had a glimpse into your family roots, parents particularly, that leaves you breathless? Breathless maybe from pain, distance or unanswered questions or maybe inexpressible joy, closeness, and gratitude? I’ve had many moments like that spanning the gamut throughout my life as…


M.A.R.T.A. is quite the cross section of humanity. Educational, Physiological, but Spiritual even more. Riding the rails to the airport as another morning awoke was enlightening and exposing this week. As like a child, I was over stimulated spiritually…

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