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Her Waterings

Human not Homeless

This Mother's Day I was able to serve with RED EYE, a non- profit pioneered by my new friend Justin Mayo. What a humbling and eye opening experience it was to drive through the fashion district of LA only to arrive in a section of forsaken streets known as "skid row". Suitcases, grocery carts, abandoned buildings, and hundreds of "homeless" lined streets.

We came to offer them a day of pampering and beauty revival in many ways. We set up make-up stations, hair stylists, nail "salons", and of course a mall to shop for new outfits. What woman does not love all the above!?  A truth trickled down into my heart that was exposing and challenging as soon as the scene began. Without much thought it was ( and is) easy to categorize "them" as homeless, service projects, or charity causes. But on Mother's Day 2012, I saw mothers, women, daughters, and sisters. God reminded me of their humanness. They are not homeless but human. They have stories, heartaches, longings for manicures and babies crying in strollers but just don't live how and where I do.

As I scanned racks of donated designer clothes with these women, I was moved to see them for who, not what, they are. It was an honor to be their "stylist" for a day. Photographers snapped memories as the day concluded with a RED carpet strut for these beautiful women.

A Call to Joy

Want Him to wash over you like a shower with these thoughts. Cleanse and Refresh with these ideas. Let Him hug you.. stop trying to hug yourself… Let Him embrace you with Himself and in His Word. 1. Present your Request but Release the Outcome Phil 4:6-7 - Produces true Peace II Thess 3:16 - "I AM interested in your response now as much as or more than the situation later", says the Lord. 2. What God requires, He provides. -Heb 13:20-21- equipping for every good work -II Cor 9:8- ALL is supplied -I Thess 5:24 He will DO IT -Heb 12:1-2- Faith is authored not mustered. 3. Are you a woman of lavish or lack? Which do you focus on? Always two sides to the day… Cup is half full or empty… Is your cup viewed BY YOU as full or empty? What do others say of your cup? - I Tim 6:17-we have been given richly all things to enjoy - II Peter 1:3 all things pertaining to Life have been granted- there is nothing missing. - Ps 34:9 lack nothing - James 1:4-lack nothing 4. Consider Him and all that He has done for you! Heb 12:3; I Sam 12:24 -Ps 40:5- MANY are your works toward us -Ps. 8 You consider me- are mindful of me! Am I mind FULL of You? -Brag on God… tell of His praises// His wonders works Be women talking of what HE HAS DONE not what HE HAS NOT DONE… What is on your lips? 5. Attitude of Gratitude- Rejoice Always and again I say rejoice! -I Thess 5: 16-end This is His Will- rejoicing! -Phil 4:4 6." At your wits’ end I AM just beginning"… Ps 107:27 ( read the whole chapter... He created the storm in order to still it!) - what space you cultivate He will fill…. give God space to still you, don't fill yourself!!! - Only to the degree we vacate will He fill and overflow the capacity 7. Live with Eagerness not Effort. -Is 26:8 eagerly waiting for Him… -Is 64:4 He moves and acts on behalf of those who wait for Him! -Ps 5:3- lay out your needs and expect a Great God…. Hezekiah in OT laid out the scroll ( details of the kingdom) and pled with God... lay out the details of your day and heart... He listens! 8. " I lift you never weight you" says the Lord. Do you feel heavy weighted or light and lifted? - Ps. 3:3 He is the Lifter of our head! -Matt. 11:30 His Yoke is easy and His burden is light! 9. “I enter into you so you enter into them” says the Lord. - Rom 12:15- rejoice with those who rejoice… singles celebrate marriages! Relinquish any and all selfish gain or pity- BE IN and ABOUT others! So rewarding.... - Mourn too…. - Paul said Be all things to all people… I Cor 9:22.. use discernment with others…. Be out of yourself enough to be into them! 10. CHOOSE JOY! "For the Joy set before Him, He ENDURED!".... Heb 12:2 Joy is a Choice regardless of your cross! Neh 8:10 The joy of the Lord is your strength! Ps 16- Be in His presence constantly… fullness of joy is there! Gal 5:22- We have the Spirit and walking in Him the fruit He produces in and through us..JOY! James 1:1-4- CONSIDER IT PURE JOY.....Endure.... you will lack nothing but gain everything! J.O.Y. acronym (thank you Rachel, I love you... thank you for modeling this and giving this acronym to me!) JESUS IS THE TARGET NOT YOU Jesus is the Target -ONLY JESUS not us or anything else…. Is He your AIM? Not only the highest but only Aim??!! - Look to the Hills from whence comes my Help-Ps 121:1- songs of ascent... 15 Psalms for each step into the temple- ascend into His presence! HOW TO MAKE HIM TARGET? 1) Women: Surround yourself with people who do!! Do life with Joyful Women who JESUS is everything to! I love the women in my life I am shoulder to shoulder with... I choose them and they me because we are ones of Joy. Rachel, Katherine, Anna, Aimee, so many others... Love my life for many reasons but the women in it is one of the main ones! ---mention His name more than yours or anyone elses Ps 71:23 Ps 145:21 Ps 34:1 Ps 40:9 Phil 2:9 highest name Deut. 11:19….says…Teach them to your children, talking about them when you are at home doing laundry, dishes, cleaning or watching cartoons with them, when you drive your mini van down the road, working at a computer, waiting for your mate, excersizing, eating your sandwich, talking with your friends, when you lie down or collapse into their bed at night, and when you get up with your coffee in hand. 2) Word - Living is written word. "The Word became Flesh". John 1. ---PROVERBS 23:7….WHAT WE THINK IN OUR HEARTS, SO WE ARE. 2 COR 10:5- destroy speculations against God and His truth And bring into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ COL. 3:2 Set your mind on things above --Horizon Thinking not earthly "horizontal" thinking!! Ps 61:2- when I am overcome and overwhelmed lead me to the Rock higher than I.... ---GARY SMALLEY----20,000-60,000 thoughts a day....more than half are negative... That is NOT our STAT as a believer! Have optimism Reign in you. Exchange lies for Truth. 3) WORSHIP Start the day with worship music... Flood your mind! BE LOVED- Christy Nockels ( I have saturated myself in this one lately) The Tree- Christy Nockels establish her song OPERATE IN OVERFLOW not OVERDRIVE Luke 6:45 abundance produces action…. John 15 Abiding produces fruit… intimacy vs activity Rom 15:13 OVERFLOW with hope! Ps 119:71 OVERFLOW with Praise! I John 4:19 We do because He did! We obey out of overflow not obligation! The more you rest in belief of Him the more you oveflow! HUMAN BEING not HUMAN DOING YOU BRING ALL THE GLORY TO GOD - II Thess 2:4 – we are His glory - IS 43:7 created for His glory - Rom 8:18 His glory trumps our pain - I Cor 10:31 Do all for the Glory of God When Jesus is our Target and we are operating in and out of overflow God is getting and giving glory! Joy is experienced and expressed… It is contagious! Draws people to you and to Him!!! We have been radically called beyond our circumstances to JOY! Though sorrow may last through the night, joy comes in the morning. Psalm 30:5 Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy. Psalm 126:5 NIV James 1:2-4 PURE JOY THROW A PARTY! Be constant CELEBRATORS... I love being a celebrator in Life.... Just like a shower can cure almost anything, so can a party! -- Sarah Ott I Peter 5:10

All you need is Love

In Montgomery Alabama there was a myriad of high school girls and leaders waiting on me as I drove in with tissue box clutched, a raw rudolph nose, and a thermos of hot tea in tow. I was praying and believing for the miracle of II Cor. 12- for in my weakness He was going to be strong. He had to be... there was nothing left in me. "Faithful is He who called and He will do it"... well I was banking on that! With the worst cold I have ever had on a speaking engagement of this size, I walked up the stairs to stand with two trembling feet on a stage facing the eyes of hundreds, praying His word to move in power. There was more pleading than preparation and nerves than notes... but "for such a time as that was I appointed". I sensed that He was deliberately setting the stage to show up and show off. So sickness and all, He set me aside that He might be glorified indeed! The theme of Mark 12:29-31 rang out loud and clear that weekend! I John 4 expounded the greatest commandment in even further depth. Part 1: The story of love- we all have a story of love, or should I say lack there of, that beckons us deeper into Love's story. I shared my broken but beautiful ( I am learning) bow-less story on the eve of night one. Oh I am grateful to Christ for allowing me to wait on earthly love that I might taste of His in the rich way, only pain could have fostered for me. Part 2: To LOVE the Lord with ALL faculties is to live IN Love....In love with Love and the way you are loved. I John 4:19 sums it up: We love only because He first loved. FREEDOM! True love even for the Father is not and cannot be manufactured. So one has to look at Love and fully enter into it before an extension of love is given. To be consumed and awed by His love for us, this unexplainable agape fervor, is to then have agape authored in us back to Him. Wow! Part 3: To love others you must first love yourself. Here in lies the great challenge! Do we really love ourself? Self centered, at times. Self protective, often. Self aware, constantly. But self love- true love of who, why, and how He made us with gratitude in the DNA of that love? Umm, I dont think so. This is what He longs for us to learn... "love you the way I do. Get over yourself, stop thinking of your largeness or smallness. Just permit yourself to forgive and love you with the ardor I have for you period. To reject this is the height of arrogance." To say that you are unlovable to the King who died in proof that you are is a height you dont want to climb. So like Paul said, "I am what I am by the grace of God" and like David reminds us " The King is enthralled with your beauty"... We know that He adorned us with His image in mind- that is enough to say, " I love you, cause He does". This out of body, beyond explanation, so good that it is truth kind of love invigorates us then to love others with abandon. Loving others is a byproduct of the seamless devotional flow from the Father to us and up through us back to the Father. These high school girls and all of us in the sanctuary that day encountered Love, never to be the same. True Love is not a transaction as much as it is a transformation. I was an eye witness this weekend. The eternal fruit of love is still blooming in hearts all over... mine included. Despite a deep need for rest and recovery, my spirit had communed with Love in one of the sweetest ways lately due to my utter need of Him. You see, to love God deeply is to need Him greatly. I taught on Love, but He wanted me to ultimately be a student of it. So I learned of Love this weekend I say instead. Humbled and in love with Love, I crawled into my crisp white hotel bed when all was silent, still with tissues near by, and let the tears fall with exhaustion and exhilaration in each drop. He fills up and pours out so uniquely through us if we merely step aside...The sickness removed me to the degree that He was the only one able to do all that He had envisioned. His Word never returns void but always accomplishes what it was sent out to do. Truly all we need is Love.

The Lot is Good

The plane has been a “sanctuary in the sky” to me for years as I jet set coast to coast. On this jaunt to LA I was moved to praise God for the “lot” He has granted me. Numbers 33 is a chronicled journey from Egypt to Cannan. As I thumbed the pages, it quickly mimicked that of my own from bondage to freedom and prison doldrums to promise dwelling. Just as the people of God stopped along the way so have I. There have been and are still camps of celebration, frustration, emptiness, and fullness but all the while the Cloud and Fire leads onward to the envisioned lot of His choosing. He has a promised land ahead indeed! The first 49 verses documented 43 places of campground before they entered the land of promise. Whew, that is a lot of stop and go! However after they would cross the Jordan and before they could enjoy the Land given them, God gave clear inheritance instructions. Paraphrased, DRIVE OUT all the previous inhabitants, DESTROY every rival, and DEMOLISH any elevation besides My Name. Then TAKE POSSESION of all I have for you and live in it animated! Receive your chosen lot with contentment not comparison. Look not to other’s plots of land with wishful eye because I am the One who drew the lines. Green pastures are where you are period. But if you do not do the 3 D’s then anything or anyone left behind will become an irritant, distraction, and competitor in your eye, keeping you from noticing and embracing the Promise I have in store for you. Num 33:54 Psalm 37:3 is encouragement to dwell in the land divinely granted, fully satisfied and faithful. Ps 16:5-6 says that our inheritance is lovely for He in fact is the portion. The lines of our lot have fallen in pleasant places. Do I, you, really believe that? On the plane with tears of gratitude and the glare of sunshine, I thanked Him for my entire lot; The broad blessings, ended relationships, deep pain, lavish experiences, lone moments, and unfinished prayers. With all that in view, I thanked Him for driving out what preceded and asked Him for enablement to relish the present and promised lot. Obey. Enter. Enjoy. Celebrate. Anticipate. “you will bless the Lord your God for the good land which He has given you.” Deut 8:10

Open Doors

I am blown away at the powerful of prayer in asking God to open doors in order that I may steward the content He has birthed in my heart by communicating it to an audience. I am here in LA and have been given the sweet opportunity to share on John 15: Intimacy over Activity to the Young Marrieds at Belair Pres. Church this Sunday. Thank you Katherine and Jay for such a sweet God granted door to share His heart with those women.

Then the Lord has opened the door in Montgomery this March (9-11 weekend) through an event called "All we need is Love". It will be a large group of high school girls listening to the identity truths of Scripture, God's story in mine, and a charge to Love Him with all their heart, soul, and mind. What a humbling answer to prayer both of these open doors are!

May God increase and I decrease...

"praying at the same time for us as well that God may open up to us a door for the Word, so that we may speak forth the mystery of Christ..." Col 4:3
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