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Her Vision

Far more women are active for God and not very intimate with Him. Activity is one of the greatest enemies to intimacy. Establish Her was born for and through women who are hungry for intimacy in Christ, not merely activity for Him. It is open to women who are learning their deep need and dependence on Christ as everything. Women longing to plant their identity in Christ, living life from their knees not their feet! Life, with brokenness of all packages, has a way of sending us into that posture. When we need Him, we know and love Him deepest.

Establish Her celebrates Christ not our circumstances, but gives women’s stories a voice and an audience. In Him, to Him, and through Him are all things as stated in Colossians. We believe in the validity and application of the whole council of Scripture, while also enjoying and profiting from the individual voices and ‘establishment stories’ of broken women made whole. Misery births ministry indeed.

What if  living rooms expanding from coast to coast were full of women who were growing in their need of Jesus and each other? What if banquet tables were laid with incredible feasts as a catalyst to encounter and celebrate Jesus as the ultimate life story?

Establish Her women study the scripture, share the stories and sup together in celebration at dinner tables over who Jesus is becoming in us, as a way of life.


James 1:2 says to THROW A PARTY WHEN YOU ENCOUNTER various trials. For in loss there is great gain, especially when we embrace and celebrate it as from the Lord. For to live is Christ and to die in whatever form, is gain. Est.Her’s Table gatherings embody and encourage this biblical principal.

II Kings 19: 30 says to take root downward that you might fruit upward. Establish Her gatherings root women in the Living Word through the exegetical teaching of the written word.

Rev 12:11 says there is overcoming power to defeat the onslaught of enemies in the voicing of Christ’s story in our own. Establish Her women are learning and treasuring the value of their own stories because of Who is center stage in it all.

To Establish is to make firm and stable that which was already there, to cause to grow and multiply, to found something or someone as if bringing into existence, and put into a favorable position.

Established Women know, we are who He says we are and He is who He has said He is. “To be women ‘planted in God’ not just women ‘busy FOR God’ is the root of this ministry”.