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Her Speaking


SPEAKING Testimonials:


“The first time I heard Sarah speak I wanted to go home and stay up all night and read the Bible because I wanted to know Who it was she knew so intimately! She teaches straight from the Bible, she has a true love for each and every Word, all the while she is fun, authentic and powerful.”  – Lindsay Snyder, Giant Impact Leader Cast


“Sarah has been given such a beautiful gift from God to speak of His perfect story for all of us women to hear.  When she speaks, it is contagious and makes you want to hear and learn more!  When we share our stories with one another, it shows transparency and one being vulnerable, but also shows the beauty of Gods grace and mercy in our lives.  Est Her brings women together to hear and remind each of us of His perfect love and reminds us that He is our PERFECT FATHER!!!” – Laurie Bowers, Est.Her participant.


“Sarah Ott speaks from the heart her genuine experience of the Word became Flesh.  In saying this I mean, Sarah loves the Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love and seeks to know Him personally through His Word, the Holy Scriptures.  In receiving from Him, Sarah seeks to illuminate for us the treasures found in Him, in life lived in and through Christ.  You will be blessed with clear exposition of the Word of God sprinkled with a heart full of faith and love, and an outstretched arm pointing to the way of Hope.”

-Maggie Jobson (Pastor’s Wife with Northland Church of Longwood FL & Student of Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando FL)


“Sarah Ott spoke to our monthly gathering in May of 2012 and without reservation I can tell you she spoke words from the Lord that sent the attendees into a new direction with their walk of faith. Her message of focusing on the who, not the what was a call to action of a very different type for our group of 20 and 30 somethings who traditionally come to our gatherings to hear about the “what.” Instead we wanted to go back to the true Cornerstone, our heavenly father and the relationship with Him before we go out and serve our city.  As Sarah shared her message of becoming in tune with the Lord’s cry for their hearts, attendees commented that their hearts were set on fire in a new way. The way in which Sarah wove scripture together kept people engaged as they made connections to their personal journey. Sarah’s knowledge is deep, but its her creative way of sharing stories and relating to the audience that made the true impact on our gathering. Due to the impact of Sarah’s message, we heard numerous requests for follow up messages. We look forward to having Sarah share on our stage again.”


-Jessica Jetton

Founder of Cornerstone


With conviction and passion, Sarah shares the message of Christ’s love, grace and redemption using scripture and life stories. Her faith in Christ  is evident through her both her verbal communication and her lifestyle… She is “sure of what she hopes for and certain of what she does not see” (Hebrews 11:1). – Kristin Cline, Passion City Church.