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Look Up

Look Up

As the sun baked me brown on blue and white speckled chairs, my eyes were drawn upward. Living it up in Tampa laying out at the yacht club, the Lord spoke to me a sweet word: look up and watch for Me!

The pool was quite empty with only a few south Tampa socialites creating ripples and conversations in the shallow end, when it happened. A huge, I mean gigantic, air force plane passed over heads so low i could almost grab a seat, it seemed. It's sound reverberated through the sky as it made it's entrance into the tree line behind me. All I could do was look up in awe with mouth dropped. Simply incredible! But even more incredible, the size 2 women in gucci glasses never raised there head or batted an eye, much less looked up! One of two reasons potentially: they were engrossed in something more inspiring than a thousand plus pound machine turning mid flight right above their heads or it just had become utterly common to them- unworthy of a glance. Either way, I was shocked due to the activity above and below. Nothing wrong with gucci, being fit, or having a good convo but Something else is worth our attention! Look upward!

Are we too engrossed into life down here that we merely don't look up? God is actively present in the gorgeous blues and exponentially greater than Air Force One. He intersects our world all the time, do u notice it? What is so gripping down below that all above has become un-stimulatingly common? Has The Uncommon One creeped into the normal category by His creation? Oh how sad if this true. 

To live looking up, fully aware of all the awe in Life is better than to live in shallow conversations with heads never lifting above their horizontal plane. Colossians says to set our minds eye on things above not on the earthly trinkets that glitter to grab our attention. He says that because He knows what will be missed by those who don't look up. 

My afternoon at the pool was commenced, not with a 15 min old grilled cheese and talks in the shallows, but with a double jet stream pair of F16s screaming through the air I was breathing... Oh what I would have missed without the "look up"! 

I will not be satisfied with missing what is higher and far better. Let's look up today for He is passing over and playing in the skies!