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Bottled Tears 2011-04-22 13:20:00

Bottled Tears 2011-04-22 13:20:00

Have I really flown this much to notice the nuisances in the airport or are they simply that obvious? I think everything has potebtial humor bedore 6am though. My good friday began in the atlabta aurpoet- a frequented destination of mine. I just happened to notice a lot this morning, maybe it was pulling an all nighter.

let's take the well famed TSA family. They are proud of their badges and blue shirts as they strut with powerful authority written on their foreheads. Comical. Here I am, adorned in the colors of an Easter egg bright eyed and bushy tailed at 5am, walking through security when I catch the eye of mr.powerful. He is standing guard of everyone inside a seeming inch by one inch square, releasing them only at his command when their bags are present. Hilarious. I guess he thought my dress ruffles could be offensively hiding something as he glared me up and down... But I got out with the violating "pat down" somehow!

Not only does the TSA bring humor but so do the trains, especially when people are half awake with very little balance. Is it that hard to clinch your quad and stand still?! I was so entertained at 5:25am... Finally to the starbucks I stroll up, all smiles. It was in the starbucks line where I just observed everybody's gait. We all have a sway, gimp, swagger, jiggle, wobble, strut, or lead foot. It definitely made me conscious of how I am walking and whose watching. So easily amused...

Sipping my latte, posture straight trying to walk normal back to my gate I think "the little nuisances of the airport are a great way to start the day" but maybe it's only because the sun hasn't even woke yet, or maybe it's Atlanta, or maybe I really do fly that much... Regardless I'm grateful for our homeland security team... Their job and their comic relief.

Written from the iPhone, disregard any grammatical errors.