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25 thoughts on the 25th

25 thoughts on the 25th

25 thoughts on the 25th: mindless and meaningful.

> Is 43:18-19 Will you be aware of it?" Behold I am doing something new now." we are Too aware of what has happened that we miss what is happening. Consciously be more aware of what He is up to then what has been.

> John 14:21-23- I will love her and make Myself at home with her. The comforts a soft living room brings the outer man so His presence to our inner man.

> Eggs bacon coffee at a rattan table outside Under a canopy of green vines- nothing like a Cali morning.

> The Ivy in LA. Enough said.

> Flipping through cookbooks is a form of Inspiration.

> A good brisk jog by Starbucks and boutique windows is prayerful entertainment.

> John 16:24 "Until now you have asked for nothing in My name" ."Until now" is another way of saying "the tension of suspension". We should be asking much of Him on the tight rope heights of tension in our lives. Tension between now and not yet should be elevated up in prayer!!

> I love fall wind with summer sun.

> Business and blogging from the back porch is nice.

> The south and the west meet in good friends over fine fare.

> Sunday brunch at The Wolfs need I say more?

> Children are a form of health for an adult. They cure the sickness of selfishness.

> A lost joy and privilege is standing in the gap for someone elses plea. Try it.

> Family as friends is a gift.

> Freedom was bought don't deny it or cheapen it.

> Matt. 28:20 Emmanuel.

> Ice cold bottled water goes down easier than from a glass

> Candles burning regardless of time of day is cleansing.

> Made beds bring a since of order

> culver city- home away from home

> Skinny jeans, boots, soft worn shirt with accessories.

> The daily light and coffee to start a Monday.

> Oh how He loves us!

> Sacrifice is different than loss. Loss is involuntarily losing something regardless of value that will not return. Sacrifice is voluntarily giving up something of lesser value to gain something of greater value in return! Loss is a gap. Sacrifice is a gain.

Abraham believed God could and would done what He said. Should we? Absolutely.