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Monthly Archives:

October 2014


Something about rainy days in life seems to invite reflection over life. Reflection of all things divine inside everything mundane. The table reminds me to not only sup with Christ but feast on Him as the very meal. The devotionals cracked open with multiple pieces of paper stuffed in them marking years of revelations and remarkable acts of God recorded. The conversations of many around me last night and throughout today over the truth of living in two worlds at the same time. Living with our mind set, fixed without wavering a moment, on the High Places while we operate down here in the low plains. So many thoughts race through my mind today and truths soar into my heart. I love days like today as I sense Him raining and reigning down on me!

As I sit at my fall table this morning surrounded by moving boxes and masking tape, I cannot help to take a mental jaunt down memory lane. You see this season holds much change and celebration in it for my family and I. This change beckons celebration for what is ahead and what has been but also simply for what is. My childhood home sold a couple weeks ago which is bittersweet. My parents will be moving in with us, which is also bittersweet, but more sweet! I am richly blessed with a husband that cherishes my family and a family that treasures my new family name. This is also the commencing season of our first year of marriage! I can hardly believe that we have journeyed this year already together approaching the ever so longed for “anniversary”. Speechless at the pace of God and Life! Tonight is the first logistics meeting for a vision called          Est. Her’s Table ( an experience coming to the women in Atlanta the month of March). When visions break into realities, I can’t help but remember the journey that led me to this point with this team. Once again, I echo with David in the book of Samuel, “Who am I and what is my house that You would have brought me this far?”.

So in the vein of reflection, I feel compelled and convinced to record a few insights, some random and some transformative, that have marked this year of life, change, crisis, counseling, ministry, marriage, and adventure.

Here we go:

There is power that comes from celebration IN THE MIDST OF not just ON THE OTHER SIDE OF trial. Learn to cherish being in the midst of something more than being delivered from everything!

Our Home is a revolving door of ministry to others but first and foremost a refuge for us and a representation of Him. Create a home of peace and ministry for any that cross its threshold, including you!

Food tastes better eaten under candlelight… with my husband. Dine at a table with loved ones as often as possible!

Wedding Thank You cards are an overwhelming task but a needed one, prior to a year. Start Now!

To delegate in leadership is not the giving away of responsibility but the trusting of God in others to respond and execute.  Trust God in others greater than you trust Him through just you!

Anniversaries to me are more about the years ahead than the years behind. Oh I pray I have exceeding abundantly more ahead with my precious partner and greatest fan! Celebrate and Commemorate whats ahead more than what was!

Sheltering the ones that have sheltered me is a great honor and privilege regardless of selfless changes and schedule accommodations that come along with that territory. It is a gift. Shelter others more!

Dogs demonstrate and model uncontainable energy and unconditional love constantly despite my day’s mood or meetings. They never change. Live with boundless energy supplied by His unconditional and motivating Love knowing He never changes!

Sometimes turning the mind off by playing, laughing and simply being a little girl again is medicine unlike any bottle. Become like children, reckless in hope and unstoppable in joy!

Jesus promises and delivers. Believe that!

Every time the voices of “I never will, be, do…” speak, the voice of “He always will, be, do” screams louder. Silence all voices but His!

Community is gift, a byproduct, an overflow but it should never be a trend, a god, a solicited product to gain. Commune with God first then let Him source and author community!

The heart of God beats through the vehicle of His Church. Be the and Go to the church!

The Bride should gaze more at her groom than herself. Focus on your husband’s attributes not your own insecurities!

Traveling is an addiction. Travel, even if it is in your own city! Get out and See! Taste and see He is alive everywhere!


Off to Europe we go to reflect on Jesus throughout this year and all the ones in front of us! No more rain, no more boxes, no more meetings, no more plans, just my husband and I in the Swiss Alps, remembering and enjoying.