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April 2011

Bottled Tears 2011-04-22 13:20:00

Have I really flown this much to notice the nuisances in the airport or are they simply that obvious? I think everything has potebtial humor bedore 6am though. My good friday began in the atlabta aurpoet- a frequented destination of mine. I just happened to notice a lot this morning, maybe it was pulling an all nighter.

let's take the well famed TSA family. They are proud of their badges and blue shirts as they strut with powerful authority written on their foreheads. Comical. Here I am, adorned in the colors of an Easter egg bright eyed and bushy tailed at 5am, walking through security when I catch the eye of mr.powerful. He is standing guard of everyone inside a seeming inch by one inch square, releasing them only at his command when their bags are present. Hilarious. I guess he thought my dress ruffles could be offensively hiding something as he glared me up and down... But I got out with the violating "pat down" somehow!

Not only does the TSA bring humor but so do the trains, especially when people are half awake with very little balance. Is it that hard to clinch your quad and stand still?! I was so entertained at 5:25am... Finally to the starbucks I stroll up, all smiles. It was in the starbucks line where I just observed everybody's gait. We all have a sway, gimp, swagger, jiggle, wobble, strut, or lead foot. It definitely made me conscious of how I am walking and whose watching. So easily amused...

Sipping my latte, posture straight trying to walk normal back to my gate I think "the little nuisances of the airport are a great way to start the day" but maybe it's only because the sun hasn't even woke yet, or maybe it's Atlanta, or maybe I really do fly that much... Regardless I'm grateful for our homeland security team... Their job and their comic relief.

Written from the iPhone, disregard any grammatical errors.

The Rest of Him

The Lord actually gives both, resting and working places. He ordains these seasons or streams in our life so divinely. He took me to LA, out of ATL, to rest not work. From afar it resembles just more activity and busyness but there is a difference. It is more fullness than busyness and resting than working out here. My heart enjoys the silence in the room and the smells of this home. My mind steals away unto Him out here different to that of "home". Jesus' yoke is easy and burden is light, inviting all to come for rest. Oh I come, I come indeed for rest and receive it abundantly. To all the working places ahead, He will accomplish what concerns me. For now, in every way, there is a solace and unapologetic sweetness to the rest that beckons me. Sometimes rest looks like a white sheeted bed waiting to be curled up in other times rest resembles effortless conversation that knits the hearts and keeps the spirit awake. Rest has many faces but above all it has the calming tensionless face of Christ attached to it. I love His rest. The Rest of Him! I am currently tired so these are mental ramblings from one that is about to literally rest on this plush white couch, before the dinner hour... but thought I would share.

Matt 11

Come to Me- please just come. Stop, step, and sit into Me. Come right now. You are weary, tired, heavy, weighted, burdened, busied, tension filled, and tried. I know you are all those things but I also know that I can pacify them. I am Rest. I am waiting for you.... to relieve you, shouldered one. Come and I will give you, freely, REST that you cannot discover or conjure up on your own. Receieve Me, Take my weight upon you... lets exchange! Let me Mantle you, nothing else, just me. My yoke on you.. which lifts you not presses you. Learn from me as this exchange happens...You will learn of gentleness and humility as I exchange you for Me. I want you to be quiet hearted and gentle minded.... let the pounds of the world just melt as you take Me in and on. Oh there is rest indeed for your will, emotions, mind, spirit, body, heart, and life pace. This is easy, really, very simple actually. Your load is no longer your load.... for your "load" is now known as mine. It is light. You are lightened. Rest now.


Thoughts on Vulnerability with a lot of prayer and a little nudging from recent TED speakers.

Vulnerability is the birthplace of joy and hope and passion to fully live

Vulnerability is neither comfortable or crucifying but cleansing and necessary.

What makes us vulnerable makes us beautiful

Be careful not to numb vulnerability

Vulnerability is taking a risk with hope regardless of its outcome.

You cannot numb emotions selectively- you feel all or feel nothing.

We are imperfect, wired for struggle but worthy of love and belonging

To let yourself be deeply seen is vulnerability

Practice the movement of joy in the moments of pain is hope

To feel vulnerable is to be alive

To love with a whole full heart apart of guarantees

Being fierce on being you is being awake with security

Letting go of who you think you are supposed to be and embracing who He says you are is vulnerability and strength, married.


I felt like a spiritual composer as the cadence of music, colors, ambience, and mission in KNEEL came together as a song this week in Texas. Though it was a quieted space with a whisper tonality, students were compelled to enter and enjoy. The minimal amount of square feet sang over them and silenced them with Jesus' love. It was still but it sung loud of His presence, power, and peace. Their visage changed and their voices lowered, without instruction, as they expectantly entered Prayer itself. Students from all over the world stepped into that environment standing tall but came out kneeling in spirit. We put an atmosphere to prayer that drew the throne to the earth. Beauty and Breath were both present. A place were we all, student and volunteer, breathed again. Life has a way of knocking air out of our lungs and events dont fill it. I love Passion, because it is not an event but an experience that gives breath back because it is an encounter with the Air we breathe. Jesus stands exalted as central in Passion and Kneel was a visible extension of that to 10,000 students. Passion altered my direction 11 years ago so to hold the door in every way for this generation was beyond expression. Students from Texas, Georgia, Singapore, New York, Florida, Ukraine, and many others got it. They got Him, actually! Lights came on, scales fell off, doors opened and hearts softened. Inspiration and solidification took place. Roots went deeper, seeds were planted, and fruit began to sprout. I am believing Isaiah 27:6 for my life and the lives of the thousands I saw and hundreds I stood by this weekend. " In the days to come Jacob will take root, Israel will blossom and sprout, And they will fill the whole world with fruit."

Reveling over the divine movement of prayer as I crawl into white sheets with the sound of stormy rain.

Goodnight all.


I truly believe the Lord Jesus has authored a breathing space for me in the month of April to HEAR & WRITE. Yet again, through voices and circumstances, He takes me back to Revelation 12: 5 that states, “ Write, for these things are true.” When a sentence begins with a verb, the noun is obvious. He is telling ME the verb, to write. Sarah, just express all the stories that are in you- ones I have written and ones I am continuing to chapter. There is much on my heart, in my mind, and on my life that begs to be articulated. I want to be more faithful and consistent on my blog, possibly growing the intrigue and listening ears. Blog writing, journaling, and Word processing- which avenue do I start? I dont know. I dont know the politics, process, or procedure of this next adventure. I just want to express, communicate, and share with those who will listen. I love to tell a story weaved with truth that He reveals. For many different reasons, the Lord grants me with a myriad of stories both humorous and heavy. I love telling a story... writing is one way to do that. Pictures are another way for me. Mixing the art of telling a story with painting a picture is a passion of mine. Writing as if I was talking with someone face to face and placing them in the situation I am describing is a love. However, the calling on my life is not so much to leave people with my stories as it is with His threaded throughout them. His voice echoing, laughing, stilling, and teaching through it all.

While in LA most of the April month, reading will also be consistent. I am reading The Resilient Life and A Homemade Life currently. Both so different but so great. I love the way Molly mixes words and phrases things in her “Homemade Life”. It is in theory a cookbook wrapped around her life story. I would love my books to be devotionals with Biblical nuggets through scripture packaged within my unfolding life story. So I am learning from other authors. Gordon in “The Resilient life” just leaves me wanting that backbone of courage and mental character to do what I know He is calling me to do. I am only a few chapters into both of these but they are inspiring me to act, thus this entry. Viral accountability is a unique thing that “blogging” prompts without effort. The more I write the more accountable I am to continue to write. Interesting how all this works, online. I dont know if or what people will read my musings but that is not why I am expressing really. It is as Jeremiah said, “It is a fire shut up in my bones and indeed I cannot hold it in any long”. That is why I write and express- if you read and enjoy, that is wonderful icing on an already great cake.

I am excited to pour out through words. I don't know what the finished product ( if there will ever be one) will resemble but I think for the first time I am giving myself permission to enjoy the process not just look to the finish. So here we go....