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Monthly Archives:

August 2010


Establish: to found, institute, build or bring into being on a firm and stable basis; to install or settle into a position; to show to be valid or true; prove; to cause to be accepted or recognized; to enact, appoint, and ordain for permanence; fix unalterably.

I Peter 5:10 says that after we suffer for a little while, Christ will Himself, do four things. He will perfect, confirm, strengthen, and establish us. There is no amount of men, money, madness, materialism, or memories that can do these things but God and God alone. He begins the process of the Four with suffering. Suffering, brokenness, wounds, pain and whatever other word you deem similar, is the catalyst to the ushering in of His action. His action comes in four seasons according to this verse; perfecting; confirming; strengthening; establishing.

Oh that we were women who have entered into the fellowship of His sufferings as stated in Phil 3. Oh that we were women who live in and out of His applause alone.
Oh that we were women who saw our need and Him meeting it.
Oh that we were women who personified Christ to this world through the doxology of our lives.
Oh that we were women who He is perfecting, confirming, strengthening, and establishing.

I believe we are these women. We have a divine invitation to partner in Christ Likeness through the scars of suffering. We have the privilege to be perfected in identity by Christ alone. We have the promise to be confirmed in our callings and defined for our purposes in life. We have His strength to rely on for the fulfillment of every role, responsibility, and relationship we condone. We have the assurance that He will establish us in Him more and more as the years go by. What a hope!

It is an adventure to be a woman. Even more so a woman not only of God but found hidden in Him.

Lets begin a conversation together... I would love to know words you identify with "establish". What do you think it looks like for establishment to take place more in your life?